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Whether you run a small business or a multi-national company, your website is the first place many customers will go to to find out more about who you are and what you do.  Even if your organisation does not derive much clientele from online contact, a website is still a valuable resource where potential clients can go when seeking more information on your business.

Websites don’t not need to be complicated or expensive. However, they do need to be professional in appearance and designed in a manner that is consistent with all other marketing material (brand management).

A website should also be easy to navigate on laptops, tablets, and phones while also successfully communicating your organisations’ goals and services in a way that is interesting to current and future clients.

Our website are built using the WIX platform. This enables clients to be able to take over the full management of their website, once it has been completed, in a simple and cost effective manner.

Quenda Designs provides fast, efficient, affordable, and functional websites.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We have provided links for many of the websites below so you can check out our handy work, but please bear in mind that most of them are now managed by the clients. Many have made changes over time to what was originally designed, so what you see now may not look how we originally intended it to. 

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Eachells Fine Furniture Website

Hi Fran

The Website looks absolutely wonderful. I couldn't be happier! Thank you for making me look professional.

What I love about the site, is that its so easy to navigate, which suits my calibre of clients, who are interested in looking at my furniture!

Everything looks elegant and well thought out! The text suits the type of furniture I create. The overall design is superb, it is a perfect balance! It's just what I wanted and hoped for, a great site.

Rupert Eachells, Owner/Master Carver, Eachells Fine Furniture

Website for Enjoy Your Ride

When I met Fran Bolland at Quenda Designs for the first time, her enthusiasm for graphic design really struck me as a person who found their vocation in life. And then she told me what she could do, and more surprisingly what she wasn’t able to do … this just said to me that here is business person who not only likes what they are doing, but they are refreshingly honest in what can be done for me.

I am very happy with the end result of my website that Fran created, and proud of what my prospective clients see when they visit my company on the internet. Fran is now working with me on the branding of my company. Her quality in design with affordable pricing is great, but the best thing about Quenda Designs is Fran’s availability with her time, nothing is too small to deal with and what I would consider a complex task is completed in no time at all. Also if she doesn’t know sometime, she will be off contacting the people in the know, to fulfil your requirements.

If you need any graphic design work done, I highly recommend that you engage Fran.

Dave Wray, Owner/Instructor, Enjoy Your Ride – Gooseberry Hill WA

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